Counselors and Support Staff

Students are assigned to a counselor based on the last name. Please contact your student's counselor regarding questions or concerns. You can contact the counselor by clicking on the e-mail address. Please see below regarding Parent Teacher Conferences and homework.

Mr. Jonathan Williams A - C
Ms. Susan Ross D - Hi
Ms. Frieda Miller Hn - Mills
Mr. Barry Shuford Min - R
Dr. Janie Braswell S - Z

Support Staff
School Registrar - Mrs. Zainab Hundley. The School Registrar is responsible for registering students. To contact the
registrar go to

School Counseling Office Secretary - Ms. Beverly Nance -

School Social Worker/ Truancy / MCV Social Worker - Ms. Rochelle McCormick -

Attendance Secretary - Ms. Sandra Watts (any questions regarding

Communities in Schools - 9th and 12th grade - Ms. Nichelle Wilson

Powerschool login information. See information below under parent / teacher conference.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We understand and support the need for on-going communication between parents and teachers. The teacher is the first source of information regarding any concern in the classroom and/or grades. Prior to requesting a Parent Teacher conference please make sure that you have contacted child's teacher individually you can contact them by phone or Teacher Contact List

If you want to meet with only one of your child's teachers we ask that you contact him/her directly to schedule the appointment. If you want to meet with all of the teacher's please contact your child's counselor who will be happy to schedule that appointment. Also check parent assist for more information regarding grades. For access codes to your parent assist (Powerschool) you will need to contact Mrs. Nance in the School Counseling Office. Your child cannot request this information for you. The school is not allowed to give this information to a student or parent over the phone. The information can be given directly to the parent in person as long as the parent has a photo ID and the necessary information listed above.

Homework for Sick or Suspended Students

If your child will be out of school more than 5 days for sickness you can contact the counselor who will request work for the student. If your child is not out for more than 5 days it is the student's responsibility to contact each teacher for homework or make up work. Student's are given 5 days to complete work that was missed due to illness. Many teachers have a class syllabus on line, please e-mail the teacher directly or go to the school website for more information. Also check parent assist for more information.

Suspended Students - when a student is suspended they will be given instruction by the administrator to get make up work before leaving for the suspension. The most efficient way to get make up work is to email the teacher or ask a fellow classmate.