Dear East Meck Students and Parents:

Naviance is a web based planning and advising system that allows students, parents and counselors build individualized success plans for college and career readiness. As graduating East Meck students apply and are accepted to colleges, data on their experiences will be gathered and offered to new students as they research their post high school options

Naviance manages and tracks all aspects of the college admissions process for both four year and two year colleges. It also has various resources for the research of potential career paths. Any senior applying to college that requests a transcript will need to register with Naviance so we can send your transcripts electronically and you will be able to know in real time the status of each of your applications. You must continue to fill out a transcript request form that you can pick up in the school counseling office or download a copy from the School Counseling Webpage that is found on the East Meck Webpage under SENIORS!!
Naviance will help all students build on line resumes, search for colleges or careers that meet your specific need. You will be able to research college or career requirements so you can plan accordingly and learn when specific colleges are visiting East Meck.

Underclassmen and parents can also use Naviance to complete career inventories and search college options. The demographic information in Naviance is uploaded from Powerschool so parents must ensure that all contact information, e-mail and phone are correct in order to use this program. Parents can register for a Naviance account or can work with his/her student using the student account.

You can access Naviance anywhere you have access to the internet. Type in
Your login information for Naviance is your students first name.last name and the password is your student's School ID number.

If your school uses Naviance to submit school forms, applicants will submit the FERPA decision using the Common App account, NOT his or her Naviance account. The student must go to the Common App first, then complete the FERPA waiver. The FERPA question is found within the 'Assign Recommenders' tab of the application and the 'release authorization' link must be checked with the FERPA decision. Students can only see the 'Assign Recommenders' tab after you have added one school to the account. Students must add counselors and teachers through Naviance but must add "other recommenders" through the Common App. Counselors and teachers will log in through Naviance to complete recommendation forms. There is link to a video describing this process on the student's Naviance page.

If you have any additional questions please contact your School Counselor.

The East Meck Counseling Staff

How to link Naviance and the Common Application

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Transcript Request Form
To request transcripts please print out this form and submit to Ms. Nance in the School Counseling office.
Transcripts will NOT be processed without this form. If you have paid for the transcript on line you will need to print a copy of your receipt, complete the transcript request form and attach the receipt to it. You can then submit it to Ms. Nance.

ParentsNaviance family connection.jpg

Naviance Family Connection

Family Connection will allow you to:

  • Get involved in the planning and advising process- Build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers
  • Research colleges- Compare GPA’s, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past
  • Sign up for college visits- Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions

Family Connection also lets us share information with you about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other Web resources for college and career information.

To Register

To register you must use a registration code, you can get this code by calling Ms. Nance in the School Counseling Department or e-mail your childs counselor. You must have correct information in Powerschool in order to receive a registration code for Naviance Family Connection. Your student must be registered in Naviance as well. Students were given registration codes earlier this year.

To register for Family Connection, a student or parent must:
    1. Go to the Family Connection site for your school.
    2. In the Are You New Here section, click I Need to Register.
    3. In the Registration Code field, type in the registration code.
    4. Click the Register button.
    5. Type and confirm the required registration information.
    6. Type and confirm a password.
    7. Check the Privacy box.
    8. Click the Complete Registration button.
A student or parent needs to register only once, and the registration code is valid for one use only. On subsequent visits to Family Connection, the student or parent will enter a username or email address depending on the schools settings and password to access the site.

Parents who have multiple children do not need to register for Family Connection separately for each child. When the parent and student records are linked correctly, the parent can sign into a single Family Connection account and select any of his or her children to view. For more information, see the article Linking Multiple Students to a Single Parent Account.

Note: When creating a password for Family Connections, the only requirement is the password must be at least 6 characters long.


You will need to register for a Naviance account. Your log in information is your first.last name and the password is your student ID number. If you are applying via the common application you will need to sync your __Naviance__ account to the Common Application. All transcripts, school reports and recommendations will be uploaded via this site. Follow the instructions of the letter above, no doing so will increase the amount of time to send all of your documents.