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The Parent's Guide to College Admission

On-Boarding presentation to underclassmen

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Refurbished Laptops

E2D, Eliminate the Digital Divide is coming to East Meck High School on April 28, 2018, from 10 AM - 1 PM (Media Center) and we want to get computers into the hands of East Meck students.

E2D has limited quantities of computers that will be available on a first come-first served basis. Families participating in the E2D Program pay $60 to receive a refurbished laptop computer with Windows OS and Microsoft Productivity Software, basic digital literacy training, and 6 months of tech support. The computer is theirs to keep.

Click here for more information.

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Senior Presentation - click here for information that was presented to seniors

Early Decision vs. Early Action - what's the difference

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Teacher Contact List

College Access Para Todos Program
Information to access college for Spanish speaking students.

Naviance for Parents

Naviance Family Connection

Family Connection will allow you to:

  • Get involved in the planning and advising process- Build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers
  • Research colleges- Compare GPA’s, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past
  • Sign up for college visits- Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions

Family Connection also lets us share information with you about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other Web resources for college and career information.

To Register

For a registration code you must use a registration code, you can get this code by calling Ms. Nance in the School Counseling Department. You must have correct information in Powerschool in order to receive a registration code for Naviance Family Connection. Your student must be registered in Naviance as well. Students were given registration codes earlier this year.

To register for Family Connection, a student or parent must:
    1. Go to the Family Connection site for your school.
    2. In the Are You New Here section, click I Need to Register.
    3. In the Registration Code field, type in the registration code.
    4. Click the Register button.
    5. Type and confirm the required registration information.
    6. Type and confirm a password.
    7. Check the Privacy box.
    8. Click the Complete Registration button.
A student or parent needs to register only once, and the registration code is valid for one use only. On subsequent visits to Family Connection, the student or parent will enter a username or email address depending on the schools settings and password to access the site.

Parents who have multiple children do not need to register for Family Connection separately for each child. When the parent and student records are linked correctly, the parent can sign into a single Family Connection account and select any of his or her children to view.

Linking Multiple Students to a Single Parent Account

Naviance allows you to link multiple students with one parent record. Once the records are linked, the parent can sign in to a single Family Connection account and select any of his or her children to view.

To link a student(s) to a parent record:
    1. Click Students.
    2. Find the student containing the original registration for the parent's account under Parent Information, click the parent's name to open the parent's profile.
    3. Click the Add button next to Students in the parent's profile.
    4. Locate and click the name of the additional student(s) to link to the parent record.
The student will be linked to this parent's log-in information and the parent will be able to select all of their students from a drop-down menu once logged into Family Connection.

Note: If a parent had an existing account with an older sibling and the account was deleted you cannot link the new student to the previous account nor can you use the previous username name again. You will need to create a new parent account with a unique username

Troubleshooting Duplicate Parent Profiles
Depending on how parent information has previously been recorded for each related student, you may find duplicate parent profiles. If you see two profiles that list the same parent name with the same student name, you have a duplicate profile. In this case, one of these profiles is linked incorrectly and should be deleted.

To delete a duplicate parent profile:
    1. Go to Students.
    2. Find desired student.
    3. Locate the duplicate parent and click the parent's name to open the parent's profile.
    4. Next to registration, the status of the duplicate parent record would display "not registered" and "not active".
    5. Once identified as a duplicate, click Delete Parent from the Quick Links menu.
    6. Click the Delete Parent button on the confirmation page.

When the linking is done correctly, the end result is that a parent can access multiple student profiles from their single account.

Note: The linking feature only works within a single schools account. Parent accounts cannot link students across multiple schools. If a parent has more than one student in different schools, a unique e-mail address for each school account is required.

Note: When creating a password for Family Connections, the only requirement is the password must be at least 6 characters long.

Sign up for text message reminders from the School Services Department:

To receive messages via text, text @emstu to 81010

Standard text message rates apply

Mecklenburg County Resources Guide

Keep up to date on all scholarships, graduation requirements and other information by following us on Twitter.

US News and World Report has selected East Mecklenburg as the 13th BEST high school in the state of North Carolina !! Congratulations Eagles!! For more information go to US News and World Report.

Below are useful links to help your student be more successful


Your students should be the best source of this information. Parents can access their student's progress by logging into Parent Assistant (see instructions below). Until final grades are posted at the end of each semester, only students and their teachers are able to monitor academic progress in a class. We recommend that students keep track of their grades through returned assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and regular discussions with his/her teachers. Referring to Parent Assistant and setting clear expectations with your child now about his/her academic progress will prevent end of the semester surprises and create opportunities for you to express and show your support.

Staying Connected

One way to support your child is to maintain close contact with his/her teachers through Parent Assist or direct e-mail. . If you do not have your parent assist information you will need to visit the School Counseling office and provide a photo ID for login and password information. This information will not be given to your child/student.

Parent Assist

If your student begins to struggle in his/her classes ask his/her teacher about school tutoring. All departments at EMHS offer after school tutoring.

Parent Toolkit
Purchase a calendar to hang on the refrigerator or some other prominent place. Record all “due dates” for projects or assignments. The is a great way for parents to stay informed and students to practice good time management skills.

Reading for Parents

Answers to many parenting questions

Help in dealing with troubled teens

Where to find help

Talking to kids about alcohol and drug use

Other links to dealing with alcohol and drug use in adolescents

Surviving the Separation
Almost Grown: Launching Your Child from High School to College by Patricia Pasick

Helping your student with math -
Math Help - Kahn Academy

Other useful resources

Learning Styles
Jung Typology Test
Try Science
Other educational sites and resources

Planning College Visits The planner helps you choose the schools that you want to visit by using keywords or typing in specific colleges. This site
offers a free trip planner once you register.
It is simple to use and is a great way to get a sneak peek into a variety of college campuses quickly, easily and inexpensively. You type in the name of the college on their homepage and up pops a great fact sheet with tuition and enrollment stats as well as several options: tour, website, map, and video.

Listing of Colleges and Universities that accept IB credits.

Parent Resources
CPCC Adult High School Diploma program
Tarheel Challenge Academy - residential program for students who are considering dropping out of high school.
Career Inventories Help your student find a career path
Community Resources
Cappex - college search engine
Job Corps
Find My Major research potential majors with your student
Occupational Outlook Handbook - is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The Handbook is revised every two years.
Parent college guide and the National Association for College Admission Counseling - guide for helping parents navigate the college application process
College Resource Guide

Bullying Resources -

Interesting Topics

On a regular basis we will bring you interesting information that can impact students.

Overcoming Test Anxiety
School Phobia
Can Helicopter Parents Affect Social Development

Scholarship Myths