The School Counseling Department has numerous resources to help students prepare for the SAT / ACT. Students are allowed to check out books, DVD's and other study materials to help them prepare.


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Latin American Coalition

Programs designed for undocumented and immigrant youth. College Access provides individualized college preparation assessment, school presentations, counselor trainings, volunteer opportunities, college visits, and skill building workshops for high school undocumented and immigrant youth. For information about upcoming workshops please click the link above.

Fee Waivers for the SAT / ACT:
Students are eligible for fee waivers if they are economically disadvantaged and participating in the free and reduced lunch program (FRL). To obtain a fee waiver the student must bring a letter confirming your status, if you do not have a letter you must contact child nutrition and request a letter. A letter will be mailed to you by Child Nutrition Services which you can then show to the Ms. Nance. If you have a change of address you MUST notify the registrar at East Meck and provide all documentation as outlined by CMS. The status of participation will be verified by Child Nutrition Services. If the parent has requested this information be blocked the student will be ineligible for the waiver. You can also call child nutrition services at 980-343-6041 and request a letter verifying participation. The student must then bring the letter to the school counseling office and they will receive a wavier. Federal Law prohibits the release of information regarding lunch status to employees unrelated FRL program.

It is YOUR responsibility to request a waiver in the appropriate time for this process to take place.